All you need to know about Banana Islands

Nancy Kapoor

Banana Island is one of the few neighbourhoods in Lagos and Nigeria that can compete with the world’s most attractive destinationslike Paris, San Diego, California and Tokyo.

Banana Island is constructed on the reclaimed ground along the Lagos Lagoon’s Ikoyi waterfront. The Island is 8.6 kilometres east of Lagos Island’s Tafawa Balewa Square. It is home to some of Nigeria’s most costly real estate estates and is undoubtedly the city with the most millionaires.

The meaning of the name isn’t quite as complicated as you would believe. It is unmistakably an artificial island, however, it is so called as theshape is like a banana.

Even though this neighbourhood of Lagos is known for its wealth, there is always the possibility that you may find yourself there. As it is home to various shopping malls and recreational activities, the choices are infinite.

Shopping is likely to be one of the fascinating activities onecan do in Banana Island. You may go for shopping at several locations on the Island. It is crucial to remember, however, that products are not inexpensive here.

This is perhaps the most enjoyable activity on and near Banana Island. Home to some of the country’s most luxurious households and wealthiest individuals. What better way to have a good time, especially if you’re a first-time visitor than going sightseeing? Take a tour of the entire region to get a sense of the opulent lifestyle.

The importance of eating in one’s daily life cannot be overstated. As Nigerians have broad cultural background, they have access to various foods from throughout the country. There’s a reasonable probability you won’t run out of food no matter where you are. In Lagos, the food industry is perhaps the most popular. Lagosians like eating as much as they enjoy working. Banana islands are home to expensive restaurants like The Crest Lounge, Blackbell, The Ice Cream Factory, Crystal Court, Jumia Food, The Wheatbaker Lagos, Primal Hotel Ikoyi and many among others.

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