Editor’s Note

2023: How will we travel?

It’s time for New Year’s resolutions as 2023 has just started. It’s for our future travel destinations and the way we will travel.

What hosts do we want to find? Which tourists do we want to be? How do we want to travel in 2023? Break from pandemic, a truly new situation for most of us. It has affected not only the way we travelled, but also the way we think and plan our future travels.

We don’t look at destinations with a similar views. We don’t pick them up anymore we used to do one or two years ahead. We are aware now that long term planning can backfire. We search for more experiences, wider way of enjoying ourselves when we go to a new destination.

We return with many more than before. Mostly we do so in destinations we have discovered or re-discovered during pandemic.

So, some of the main trends for travel in 2023 should be the airlines which gave us a better experience and the airport with less stress are going to be a key element of the final choice. However nice the destination, if reaching it is impossible and/or difficult… forget it!

See you soon again!

Enjoy reading!

Stay well! Stay Safe!

By Susmita Ghosh