Heathrow Airport prepares an uplift this Christmas

In anticipation of over 2 million passengers expected to travel through Heathrow this Christmas, the UK’s hub airport has refreshed the range of shops, restaurants, and services on offer at the airport. In Christmas, 2020, the nation faced strict lockdown restrictions due to COVID-19, bringing an end to family festivities before they could even begin. But in 2021, Heathrow is preparing for an uplift in passengers flying home for Christmas. Ahead of this, new retailers and restaurants have opened at the airport. So the passengers have even more options to choose from buying last-minute Christmas presents. Winter sales so far show that are up already in the 2020 year as passengers at Heathrow are purchasing Christmas slightly in 2021. Heathrow’s research also shows that on average, travelers are spending an extra hour at the airport in comparison to pre-pandemic.

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