Travel Advisors Reveal What’s Selling in 2023

By Staff Reporter

Travel advisors say their clients are choosing vacations that virtually blanket the globe in 2023. It includes a mix of European and exotic destinations, cruises, active adventures and romance trips.

According to a spokesperson of one Destination Management Company, “Business looks great for 2023. We are optimistic that the honeymoon and destination wedding space will continue to grow. We are already heavily booking into 2024. Honestly, my 2023 is already in wrap-up mode.”

In addition to honeymoon and destination weddings, Doncsecz said that “Europe – especially Italy and cruises” are booking briskly.

“We’re seeing longer cruises being booked and a lot of interest in Europe for 2023,” said owner of a Cruiseline, “Alaska is always a popular choice among all the destinations people are considering.”

Another cruise specialist said that he is selling more multi-generational cruises, especially from U.S. and Canadian ports. “In addition to multigenerational family gatherings at sea, longer voyages to Alaska, Iceland/Scandinavia and the British Isles remain front-of-mind.”

The interested travellers are booking Europe in great numbers with the most popular destinations including Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal. Independent FIT vacations to Europe and Asia are really very popular and most of those requests are from small groups of about six to 10 people. “Multigenerational travel is also increasing dramatically, not just cruises or sun-and-fun destinations.

“Bucket lists are now being served up on the front burner and eagerly consumed,” said Richard Turen, managing director of Naperville, Illinois-based Churchill & Turen.

“Average vacation length has increased by four nights. Exotic touring and longer cruises are leading the charge, but close behind are long-delayed family vacations.”

When asked if he was optimistic about the year ahead, Turen had this to say: “The data is in and ‘strength’ is a foregone conclusion. Will space still be available on programs in Japan, Antarctica, Iceland, East and Southern Africa – these are the new consumer concerns.”