Farewell 2023: a lightning trip of travel trends

By Susmita Ghosh As we bid adieu to 2023 and greet 2024, let’s take a whirlwind tour of the travel trends that shaped the year: Ecotourism on the Rise: Travelers opted for sustainable practices, choosing eco-friendly stays and responsible transportation. Reducing their carbon footprint and respecting local cultures were key aspects of their journeys. The […]


‘How smart phones will change your travel plans in 2020’

By Anandi Don’t get surprised if we tell you 85percent of the international tourists have a mobile device with them while travelling (eHotelier). Or did you know 76percent of the travellers believe their smartphone is the most important travel companion (Openkey)? According to, 42percent of the travellers globally have booked a hotel on a mobile […]


Aviation sector prospers, strategic investment on growth

Compiled by Satyaki Dutta Aviation industry is functioning as a dynamic sector in the recent times, with a direct and major impact on the travel and tourism industry on the whole. Preventing the stagnation in the sector, especially by developing the technological aspects is the need of the day. With the target-specific goals, the sector […]


Indian Skies Soar to New Heights in December!

Record-breaking December Caps Stellar Year for Domestic Air Travel By Spl Correspondent Standing at the juncture of year-end and advent of New Year, India’s domestic air travel industry reached new heights. It’s December – the month for holiday promotions witnesses the highest number of passengers ever recorded in a single month – a whopping 13.8 […]


Unveiling Patagonia: Adventure beyond the Safari

By Netpal Travel Bureau For seasoned safari enthusiasts yearning for a fresh adventure, Patagonia’s wild northern reaches beckon. While southern Patagonia is a well-trodden path to Antarctic cruises, the north offers a rawer, untouched experience. Spanning a vast 410,000 square miles across Argentina and Chile, Patagonia captivates with its boundless landscapes, breath-taking scenery, and unspoiled […]


TTF Kolkata initiated on an optimistic and festive note

TTF Kolkata, India’s oldest travel trade show staged a grand post-pandemic reboundof domestic and international travel, with over 200 participants from 3 countries andover 20 Indian States and UTs


African tourism market brims with international tourists

After a short period of sluggish tourist influx from worldwide, the tourism market is returning to its growth phase. Among the companies eyeing for a large chunk of the success-pie, Africa Incoming, the destination management company is bound for success. Its main target is ‘to motivate people to travel to this beautiful continent called AFRICA,’ […]


Sustainability path: green economy movement face challenges

By Alejandro Ríos, Director, Sustainable Bioenergy Research Consortium The impact of environmental degradation brought forth by human actions done in the name of progress over decades has given rise to a new socio-economic development paradigm. It highlights the need to equally promote social equality, environmental sustainability and economic stability – all of which are closely […]


10 Travel Tips for Every Solo Traveller

By Maitri People traveling in groups or with their families rarely come out of their comfort zone to hit the road alone. But these days solo travel has become the most exciting and emancipating experience that a nomad can have in their lifetime. Nevertheless, if you are still confused to take up your first solo […]

Wellness Tourism

Healthcare globalization: An effect on domestic medical tourism

By Spl Correspondent Patients who cannot afford the high prices of healthcare frequently decide to go to regions of the country where the cost of the medication is low, creating several prospects for intrabound medical tourism. According to Future Market Insights’ report, the market size for intrabound medical tourism was valued at US$ 20.6 million in 2023, anticipated […]