ZIRO – Silent, serene, off-beat picturesque destination

By Maitri

Just at a distance of 110 kilometers from Itanagar, the capital of Arunachal Pradesh lies the picturesque plateau of Ziro. The charming landscape of the oldest town of Arunachal Pradesh is famous for its paddy cultivation, green alleys, gushing rivulets, and dense forests. Mostly inhabited by the Apatani tribe, festivals and fiestas at this serene valley are the auxiliary allures of the visitors. Besides, the ancient caverns, Ziro was the first administrative centre of independent India and also was the home to a military base station.

Dappled by dense jungles, the misty cliffs of Ziro Puto and Dolo Mando offer a breath-taking view of the opulent Ziro valley. The small town of North East India is a flawless destination for every traveller who nurtures diverse interests for their vacation. Trekkers and hikers, adventure souls, solo travellers, wildlife photographers, bird watchers and even family holiday makers find Ziro worth their passion.

Kardo hills and Kile Pakho are some of the best chosen trekking trails by the trekkers and hikers. Adventure lovers and wildlife photographers find their long awaited visual treat in Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary. The windy roads of the Ziro valley succumb to the subtropical forests of ferns, silver fir trees, bamboo trees, orchids and rhododendron. The stale woods are also a home to the clouded leopards which can occasionally be spotted by the luckiest.

Apart from the forest trails, the river beds at Ziro gift some of the best camping grounds at this secluded plateau. The wild cosmos accompanied by a wide variety of birds at the Pange river basin. Another river Panyor on the way to Ziro is well known for hosting all sorts of river activities like parasailing and river rafting.

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Ziro travel remains incomplete without visiting the 5000 year old Meghna Cave Temple. This historical Shiva temple amid the age-old potholes of Ziro is surrounded by some jaw-dropping views of the green arena that are in turn guarded by the mighty Himalayas.

Other places of interest in Ziro include Hapoli, Pine Groves, Tarin Fish Farm, Bamboo Groves and Orchid Research Centre. Travelers who want to have a tang of the culture and ethos of the tribes can pamper themselves at the local markets while mingling with the shy and welcoming Apatani natives. Apart from the exclusive Apatani handlooms, bamboo and cane products are the best buy from these souks.

Ziro is well-known across the globe for its festivals and fairs. Most popular among them is the Ziro Music Festival which is held during September. The four day fiesta is one of the most eco-friendly carnivals in India with zero plastic usage!

Though the summer months are the best season to plan for Ziro, you can visit the paradise throughout the year. While the summer months are escorted by bright sunlight with clear views of the peaks, winter will surely fetch you some snow clad sights of the valley. If you want to grasp greener basins and mighty rivers, plan in monsoon. Since monsoon has already arrived, make sure to procure Ziro in your next choice of holiday destination.


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