‘Experience true, inspirational and responsible tours to Mongolia ’

Tour Mongolia, a service orientated company, founded in 2001, has been constantly growing and extending its business year on year. Susmita Ghosh, Editor-in-Chief, Netpal Travel spoke to TUVSHIN Enkhbold, Sales Manager, Tour Mongolia at BLTM, Delhi, sharing views on how the organisation being the leading green economy supporter and the most responsible inbound tour operator in Mongolia

  • What is the USP of Mongolia and Tour Mongolia?

Mongolia is the home of nomads and their herds. There is vast grassland in the east and breathtaking scenery. Tourists enjoy the landscape while learning their rich traditions and lifestyle and various other popular art and culture.

Well trained, in-depth experienced staff possesses good knowledge for local areas and host and guest’s expectations. Managers responsible for different language speaking markets, communicate, creating customised itineraries of exceptional travel products.

  • What are your marketing initiatives and strategies for this year?

Nowadays, Tour Mongolia has own network of an extensive supply chain operating across the country, made up of many different stakeholders.

As India is very potential market for us, we are here today participating in the prominent events for the first time. We want more Indian tourists and hence have plans for organizing road shows in pipeline as well. We will touch base on all the options gathered from here in India on our return and act accordingly.

  • Which are the domestic and international events you have participated? How many more you have plans to participate this year?

We have participated in BLTM and OTM 2019. Internationally have plans to attend ITB Berlin in March.

  • What are your expansion plans?

We are in the process of generating various ways to create awareness, highlights, incentives and specialities. Our potential travellers come mostly from European countries like Germany, Netherlands, China US and India as well.

  • What are the challenges you have faced in 2018?

The biggest challenge is language barrier. Hence we have our managers responsible for different language speaking markets like English, German, Korean, Chinese, Russian and Japanese, communicate efficiently, creating custom-made itineraries of unique travel products.

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