Travel insurance plans unforgettable, secured voyage

By Sikha Thakur

Travel Insurance plays a vital role in formulating memorable, enjoyable and secured holidays. All the necessary expenses are taken care of along with beautiful memories. Travel insurance plays key role for the international players as it covers medical expenses as well.

Emergency Medical expenses work if travellers fall sick overseas. Most of the time, this unexpected medical expense goes high, above the trip budget. In this case travel insurance covers the medical expense effortlessly. Even if a traveller is not having travel insurance, they are legally responsible to the cost of treatment. In a study it was found that daily hospitalization cost in Southeast Asia exceeds US$800 which is incredibly expensive for the visitors.

The most affluent nations in the world like USA and Schengen countries have amazing places, both natural and contrived. But travel insurance is must for USA to visit either in business trip, vacation, family function or an academic pursuit. Medical treatment in USA is very costly. For any reason misfortune strikes and medical emergency lands it can lead to financial crisis. To avoid such situations, its better to safeguard one with travel insurance ensuring a robust medical coverage in the travel policy.

Travel insurance is basically based on few major things like flight cancellation, medical issues, unexpected expenses – luggage missing, lost, stolen or any such emergency situations. Quite often, due to unavoidable circumstances tour cancellation is also a major issue that one can overcome if travel insurance is there.

While discussing on the common myths, travellers have in their mind and believe for not buying travel insurance with Snehashis Hazra, MICE opps, Club7 holidays Ltd asserts, ‘If flights get cancelled, airlines can solve the issue with supplementary carriers. The travellers, most of the time, have life insurance policies and Med claim. Consequently they believe travel insurance has no importance to them. Travel insurance is even considered as wastage of money as travellers believe airlines and hotels can give them security and it is mostly for adventurous travellers. Last but not least collecting claim is tough and at times impossible. To break these myths among the travellers, USA and Schengen has made travel insurance compulsory for the travellers.’


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