Azerbaijan: Premium MICE destination

By Sikha Thakur

Azerbaijan is showcasing great opportunities as ‘Bleisure travel,’ combination of business and leisure destination. In recent years, Azerbaijan has invested in tourism and destination promotion as a premium MICE destination for hosting business meetings and conferences in a well developed corporate infrastructure. The rich cultural and historical heritage with a unique combination of modern infrastructure gives the location at the crossroads of the east and the west, appeal of an emerging business events hub.

The city has most remarkable architectural masterpiece of 21st century, the iconic Flame Towers, a trio of skyscrapers dominating the skyline of Baku are known for its world-class conference facilities, luxury hotels and the state of the art venues along with authentic onsite activities and unique dinning venues altogether built Baku conventional centre.

Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan balances the modern high standard facilities with mesmerizing beauty of the streets in the old city quarter. The city altogether provides centrally located facilities boasting large scale conventions and trade events. The city can cater nearly 68,000 participants and hold the capability of hosting smaller exclusive forums.

“Bleisure travel” has an immense impact on travel industry as the travelers look for experiences that are unique, authentic and tailored to their specific interest. For enriching experiences the travel concept is being developed focusing on wellness and health retreats, the first Azerbaijan wine-route and the popular slow food in the region to enthrall visitors.

The combination of East and West, Azerbaijan is enriched with natural beauty and rich medieval history. There is something for everyone in Azerbaijan starting from the modern Flame Tower of Baku to depths of the medieval UNESCO heritage site. The friendly nature of locals, the nature and the safe environment is a complete soul relieving experience for the tourists.  Some of the must-to-visit place in Baku is Baku Boulevard, a promenade runs parallel to Baku’s seafront.

The Fountain Square previously called Parapet is situated in downtown Baku, is a public square. It is attractive tourist destination with many boutiques, restaurants, shops, hotels and passages. The city authorities hold many public festivals, shows and celebrations in the Fountain Square.

Maiden Tower is located in old Baku, also known as Giz Galasi in the neighborhood. The Maiden Tower is featured on Azeri currency notes and official letterheads hence depicting its importance in Azerbaijan. It is Azerbaijan’s most distinctive national emblems.

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