Girish Jhunjhunwala, Founder and CEO of Ovolo Hotels Group

Mojo Nomad: one of the first brands to disrupt Hong Kong hospitality industry

Mojo Nomad Central starts a new concept of accommodating and co-working all in one in the heart of Hong Kong on Queens Road Central. This evolution is internationally acclaimed between Mojo Nomad Central and Ovolo Hotels. The newest location of Mojo Nomad promises dynamic travelers to electrify the iconic neighborhood and unparalleled access to the city centre.

Mojo Nomad puts itself in the shoes of the global citizen, a modern day nomad and realized that when you are travelling for work, you are in a new city or even a local choosing accommodation you want a little of everything. You want a hotel for lifestyle, a home for the creature comforts, areas to be sociable and meet fellow guests, space to work and be creative. Our guests have the opportunity to be productive, build a network and be collaborative, seek adventure and experience new things.

Social channels like Instagram & Facebook reach both Hong Kong locals and those travelling in the city. Mojo Nomad experience is the best way to promote the concept, journalist and influencers who talk and write about our game-changing micro-hotels. This is a top promotion for us, as travelers enjoy reading these real-life experiences of new concepts, designer-led spaces and effortless living.

The new type of value-driven design in hospitality is first of its kind, combining contemporary design, co-working and luxuriously compact private and shared accommodation in the region. Mojo Nomad new collection hotels are designed for those seeking inspirational way of living, uniting the common interests and enjoying a unique style of community living.

In 2019 we will be expanding our Mojo Nomad concept. At the moment we have two hotels in Hong Kong but will soon be taking the concept to Melbourne in Australia. Melbourne is a cool, vibrant and happening city which attracts digital nomads, so we believe it’s a great choice to start our Mojo Nomad journey in the country.

Mojo Nomad attracts both local and travelers loving the micro hotel concept.

However, digital nomads, in particular, are on the rise; working professionals that move from job to job, city to city and don’t have a fixed address. Mojo Nomad is tapping into this growing demographic and attracting those that want a convenient, collaborative and fun environment.

Each Mojo Nomad had its own unique facilities, but a favorite for me are the communal areas, especially the common room at Mojo Nomad Aberdeen. It’s a space with areas of rest and relaxation but also boasts hot desks and tech facilities, giving guests the choice and facilities to do what they like, when they like. The space encourages interaction between residents but still provide the privacy when needed.

Girish Jhunjhunwala (the visionary behind Mojo Nomad)
Founder and CEO of Ovolo Hotels Group

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