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We will return soon!

Never have we thought of the way pandemic has transformed the travel industry. Travelling now has a different definition with hand sanitisers at the hotel entrance, PPE kits when flying, local lockdowns and limitations to touch tracing applications all across. 

By 2020-end, a ray of faint hope came in – the world is fighting back from the pandemic and a mounting expectation for domestic and international travel to return to normality. But unfortunately, with 2021 came the second wave of the deadly coronavirus, bringing travel industry to a total standstill with closed borders and cancelled flights.

But how can one survive with negativities all around? Henceforth, the cautiously optimistic travel buffs are planning their next travel destination once the second wave settles down.

2020 gave birth to many interesting travel trends like virtual and increased reality-based travel, solo travel, work from anywhere holidays and others.

Post a year of living in isolation, people are paying more attention to their health than before. Hence travellers will be out in search of physical, mental and spiritual health. Moreover, post-COVID tourism will be all about relationships, conversations and harmony with long-due family trips and community gatherings. Covid 19 is just a preview of how bad the environmental disaster can be in the coming future. Eco Travel will help the tourism industry reduce its carbon footprint globally.

Keeping our finger crossed, we expect post-summer this year will give us an exciting travel phase, so start marking your calendars with a smile on your face.

We will return soon!

Stay Safe, Stay well!

Susmita Ghosh

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