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May, a clever month to travel!

Even if summer is governing predominantly in the month of May, mercury level escalating significantly, still there are lot of choices of travel during this time of the year, if planned carefully. School vacation travel, wardrobe alteration, warmer weather – all compel us to go for a change of landscape or a longer journey to a new place.

But the circumstances heading towards opposite direction in south of equator – Africa’s cooler temperatures coincide with drier weather as summer’s great rainclouds twist themselves out and fade into winter’s empty blue sky. For an exciting getaway in exploring African wildlife, Botswana is the apt destination, just moving into its winter dry season in May. But May’s fine weather is not just confined in Southern Africa’s parks and reserves, sensible enough to plan a trip to the Indian Ocean too.

If planning a trip to Asia, it is the perfect weather month to visit Japan, China or South Korea. Early summers, especially May is the ideal time to travel in India to hill stations which give us a pleasant feel, shedding the cold of winter to rejuvenate in a picturesque setting. Wise it is to enjoy the relaxing beaches this time as it has lesser crowds and the prices are even lower than usual.

May and June are the best time in Central Asian countries to spot hundreds of migratory bird species. It starts getting hot in the lowlands, but still chilly in the highlands.

So why wait? Welcome the warmth of summer!

Be it the need to revitalize, or mere yearn for new places and travelling, to fulfil the wandering tendencies in all of us!

Enjoy reading!

Susmita Ghosh

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