Travel scenario across the world seems optimistic

Year 2019 : Travel scenario across the world seems optimistic

By Sikha Thakur

2019 promises an immense growth and opportunities on overall travel and tourism industry. The year starts observing tourism industry is ready to welcome its visitor with more focused services, experiences, development and delivery.

Northern Territory (NT) sets its vision in tourism sector for next seven years chalking out its growth and strategy. The growth rate of visitors’ economy is accepted to grow by US$2.2 billion. In comparison to 2011-12 Northern Territory targets to increase the growth by 3.1 per cent per annum, adding US$535 million in visitors’ expenditure by 2020, creating 4300 new jobs as well.

“The partnership between the tourism industry and the government is a genuine approach to achieve the target of US$2.2 billion visitors’ economy,” informed Michael Bridge, Chairman and CEO, Northern Territory tourism. “This partnership will also create opportunities outside traditional tourism market and channels showing immense growth in Asian markets which will not only capitalize growth in tourism sector but also in segments including business, cruise and education,” he added.

Northern Territory has imparted all its effort, making tourism an absolute priority under 2019 marketing plans, to make NT a bigger economy. Northern Territory has rich cultural heritage, natural landscapes and award winning tourism experiences but in recent years it has faced shortfall in tourism sector across the range of tourism measures. Through a set of strategies NT government is aiming to deliver US$2.2 billion visitor economy. Government is planning to focus on tourism areas like aviation development, investment attraction, business development, indigenous participation and regional development. The government and industry tie up will ensure NT brands connect with its key visitors and audiences,” said Hon Matt Conlan, Minister, Northern Territory Tourism.

Hector Flores Santana, CEO, Mexico Tourism Board informed, “The phase from January to September saw a growth of 6.9 per cent in international tourist arrival. In 2017, revenue from tourism industry reached US$16.6 billion, marking 4.5 per cent increase.”

“The third highest revenue is generated from the tourism segment giving a boom to the country’s economy. The tourism board will continue its promotional camping,” he asserted.

Hector Flores Santana further added that MTB has taken various measures to fight the negative impact of various destinations reputations. Around 200 participants, 26 destinations and members of the tourism industry have participated in eight crisis management workshops hosted and coordinated by MTB.

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