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Return to another world: Technology changes business travel

Standing at the tenth month of the year it’s quite clear that corporate travel, received a big blow during the pandemic, returning slowly than leisure, as international travel lag domestic.

Shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic brought global travel to a halt, conferences and trade shows, which account for a noteworthy volume of business trips, became virtual. Now the Question is – How will the shift towards remote work affect the return of internal meetings, client visits and conferences?

Business Travel’s return would be thoughtful and client-centric. Itwill define how businesses spindle to operate in the new normal.

These conditions are temporary though. Conferences and other industry events have begun their comeback, which will speed uphopefully since this month. The subsequent scale and shape of these staples of corporate life are uncertain though.

Technology has replace done-o-one meetings. Video conferencing and collaboration tools have come a long way, enable professionals to skip the trip, still gain the welfares of one-o-one meetings.

The companies realized that pre-pandemic business travel was wastewhen this being amended for other parts of the business.A new reality for business travel can come up: Policies, practices, constraints, assumptions, reasons, technologies, and requirements for traveling on business.

The new business travel will be well-organized, more reasonable and simplified by advanced technologies, hence less frequent.

Outdated business travel is dead.

Next month awaits more such evaluation!

Happy Reading till then…

Susmita Ghosh  

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