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Travel trends for 2019

Hi Everyone!

We are just back from an eventful month, January, experiencing creditable activities, interactions and networking with overall travel fraternity in India and abroad – SATTE and BLTM respectively in Delhi extended from 16th to 19th, OTM in Mumbai, since 23rd till 25th and FITUR from 23rd to 27th in Madrid, Spain.

After traversing, I feel time has come to take a glance at some travel trends for the year that would shape the future of travel in India and abroad.

Travel trends surprised one and all in 2018 and 2019 promises to take this trend forward. The main criteria for travel decisions will revolve around safety. It will be the year of weekend travel and the rise of the conscious, intelligent and passionate traveller. With improved flight routes, local transport and different types of accommodation options, people will be experimenting locations, more environmentally friendly places.

The millennials’ will discover new places, new experiences, new cuisines and interact with people from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Technology in travel is gathering pace.

The drift for cruise holidays picked up in 2018, and it will only soar to new stature in 2019. The year 2019 will unknot the joy of bringing far flung families together.

Travel agents informed high demand for large family package tours.

Ease of online booking is termed as a viable option nowadays. Nevertheless, more tech-savvy travel experience is on the way!

Happy reading until we meet next month!

Susmita Ghosh

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