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Holistic welfare, rejuvenation, now the top priority!

Hello readers,

We are here today to introduce WELLNESS TOURISM, a new arena in the pages of our E Zine.  With so much of un-wellness surrounded in today’s travel industry, wellness tourism brings in the promise of battling those negative potentials, turning travel into an opening to maintain and develop our holistic health.

The priorities, values and behaviour of the travelers have basically changed, either by need or choice. The emphasis is now on traveling safely and healthily.

An end to pandemic seems to be approaching! Many believe that summer’ 2021 will be a strong boost to recovery. Based on the speed of the global vaccine rollout, the travel industry primarily may return with leisure market whereas business travel may come slowly henceforth. 

Health and wellbeing are now priorities for travelers. Every business now has to be a wellness business.

Enjoy reading till we meet again!

Stay safe, Stay Healthy

By Susmita Ghosh

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