Countries around the world are reopening…

By Netpal Travel Bureau

Borders opening as the Covid-19 vaccine rollout gains momentum. Many countries are gradually returning to normal and letting people back into restaurants, shops and sports venues after more than a year of on-off lockdowns.

Reopened on April 12, non-essential retailers in England while restaurants are operating outdoors. Indoor hospitality, cinemas, theatres and sports halls reopened on May 17. International travel is allowed with quarantine rules continuing for most arrivals.

Even if borders remain closed till mid-June, fully vaccinated Chileanscan move freely within the country.

Egypt lifted restrictions which was imposed early May, including early closure of shops and restaurants, from June 1.

Cafes, bars and restaurants are allowed to offer outside service from May 19 in France with indoor dining to follow on June 30. Night curfew is pushed back from 9pm to 11pm till 7am from June 9 and will be over on June 30. Shops, museums, cinemas and theatres have reopened on May 19. Foreign tourists with a “health pass” will visit from June 9.

Germany eased restrictions for those who are fully vaccinated or recovered from the virus since May 9. The country has also lifted up curfews and quarantine rules and the obligation to provide a negative test result to visit a hairdresser, zoo or to go for shopping. From May 12, travellers have been able to enter the country without the need to quarantine, except those arriving from countries at risk.

SinceMay 3, Greece reopened restaurants and bars, organised beaches on May 8 and the tourism industry on May 15. Tourists from the rest of the Europe, Britain, the United States and Israel can visit if they have been vaccinated, show negative test results, or have recovered from the virus.

Israel reopened its borders to foreign tourists on May 23. Under a pilot program due to continue till June 15, it gave the green light to visits by 20 groups of between five and 30 tourists from countries including the United States, Britain and Germany.

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Italian coffee bars, restaurants, cinemas and theatres partially reopened in most of the regions on April 26. Indoor service at restaurants opened from June 1. Italy lifted quarantine restrictions for travellers arriving from Europe and Schengen countries while Britain and Israel, from May 15. The curfew will be abolished from June 21.

The Netherlands lifted a nationwide curfew on April 28. Parks, zoos, gyms and outdoor swimming pools reopened on May 19, while outdoor service at bars and restaurants was extended till 8 pm. Indoor service will be allowed from June 5. Public libraries opened on May 20, with museums set to follow on June 5. Sports matches will be allowed from June 30.

Qatar will gradually lift restrictions through July 30. From May 28, leisure, education centres, restaurants, gyms, pools and salons have been able to operate at limited capacity, but bans on weddings, conferences and exhibitions remained in place. Local and international sporting events can take place with fully vaccinated fans in open-space venues with 30 per cent capacity.

In South Korea, masks will no longer be required outdoors from July for those vaccinated with at least one COVID-19 shot. People given at least one dose also will be allowed to gather in larger numbers starting in June.

Curfews were lifted across most of Spain on May 9. From May 24, it has allowed people from low-risk non-EU countries to enter without a negative PCR test. From June 7, it will let in vaccinated people from everywhere.

Turkey started easing its lockdown on May 17 by allowing daytime movement on weekdays. Its weekend lockdown will be partially lifted and daily curfew delayed by an hour on June 2, with restaurants opening to a limited number of customers.

On May 3, New York City dwellers were allowed to have a drink at an indoor bar for the first time,while the city will reopen totally on July 1. The states of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut lifted most capacity restrictions on businesses, reopen schools from September. California will lift most remaining crowd-capacity limits and physical distancing requirements on June 15. Virginia plans to lift all restrictions on June 15, while Minnesota plans to remove all limits by July 1, or sooner.

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