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Off-peak travel is gaining demand

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Have you noticed how the trends are changing gradually? The biggest demand is for off-peak season travel of late. The reasons are not far to seek! If not preferring a change in the weather, the travellers get economical tariffs at hotels, off-season discounts at tourist attractions and cheaper airfare, during off-peak tour, hence pours in superfluous excitement….

Countries like Iceland welcomed considerate arrival during the winter months. Furthermore people are opting for new destinations which were hardly explored before. Cruises have taken a huge ascend. People travel for experience be it food, fitness, adventure, yoga, sports or favourite cuisines.

The excitement in last-minute booking and search is massive inspite of so many uncertainties. The corporate also show the similar trends as the companies have meetings fixed at shorter deadlines. The impulsive generation goes for booking vacations at eleventh-hour due to the mysterious excitement. The thrill that involves in last minute planning is beyond expectation hence planned trip in advance is not very common these days.

Susmita Ghosh

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