Recovering Appeal: Commercial preparation for New Normal

By Susmita Ghosh

Needless to say not everybody are taking precautions, hence the virus has been spreading. It’s visible what has happened in Europe – the very moment they started celebrating, pandemic returned! Same is the case with UK – while they started relaxing a bit and people started assembling, we have given the virus an opportunity to rush in and moreso this new transformed virus infects more and faster till vaccinelearns to live with us without causing much harm. 

Question arises now – How different destinations react on travel ban, launches strategy to increase travel recovery and work on post-COVID bucket list.

Australia has extended its year-long international border terminationtill mid-June, continuing the country’s self-imposed segregation to keep the coronavirus away. The country has been relatively successful in containing the spread of Covid-19 and few virus restrictions now in place.

Caribbean destinations are now following other nations by escalating flight restrictions, limiting cruise ship calls and land-based visitors. They are implementingextensive social distancing strategies as global coronavirus coverage increases.

The travel ban never applied to entire Europe, but presently stretched to countries in the Schengen zone only which allows free movement through European Union countries.

This sudden change and the indecision around the strict details, prompted terror among travelers planning to transit between Europe and the US.

Slow and phased recovery is expected depending on the location and health risk profiles of the travelers. Important it is to be alert for the additional waves widespread now, based on the efficiency of lock-down / re-opening and social distancing measures in place.

Coupled with government regulations ensuring alternate seats and perhaps rows, to remain vacant for maintaining distance for airlines, the initial demand might be feeble. In such state, it is quite likely that ticket prices would upsurge. While essential business travelers are more likely to pay for these higher priced tickets, leisure travelers may consider local vacations and road trips.

Having been incapable to travel as freely as possible for the past year, thousands of Brits and Europeans have begun to plan their post-pandemic holidays. Many have created a bucket list of items they would like to tick off with any extra money they have saved during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For some, retirement offers the freedom to be able to travel the world but the pandemic has put travel and social plans on pause.

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