Unveiling Patagonia: Adventure beyond the Safari

By Netpal Travel Bureau

For seasoned safari enthusiasts yearning for a fresh adventure, Patagonia’s wild northern reaches beckon. While southern Patagonia is a well-trodden path to Antarctic cruises, the north offers a rawer, untouched experience.

Spanning a vast 410,000 square miles across Argentina and Chile, Patagonia captivates with its boundless landscapes, breath-taking scenery, and unspoiled wilderness. While Argentina’s southern region attracts throngs of visitors, Chile’s north remains a secret paradise for those seeking an off-the-beaten-path adventure.

The pristine state of northern Patagonia owes much to Douglas Tompkins, the visionary founder of The North Face. Entranced by the region’s beauty, Tompkins dedicated himself to its preservation for decades. He acquired vast swathes of land and spearheaded their “rewinding,” allowing them to recover and return to their natural state.

This dedication culminated in the creation of Patagonia National Park, Chile’s newest jewel, and the ongoing efforts of the Tompkins Conservation organization. Their tireless work focuses on protecting and reintroducing native species like the endangered huemul deer, puma, and Andean condor.

Nestled within Patagonia National Park lies Explora Lodge, Tompkins’ former homestead transformed into a luxurious 13-room retreat. This eco-conscious haven operates with a safari-lodge feel. Guests embark on expertly guided adventures, returning to a welcoming lodge boasting breath-taking views and a communal dining experience featuring gourmet meals.

Patagonia: A Realm for Exploration

Similar to a classic safari, exploring Patagonia often involves traversing different points within the region, either by land or small plane. The sheer scale of the area necessitates meticulous planning, making guided tours the preferred option for many.

Luxury Meets Rustic Charm

Mallin Colorado Ecolodge, nestled near the Exploradora Glacier and Marble Caves, provides a rustic-chic escape. Overlooking the majestic General Carrera Lake, the lodge offers communal lounges, gourmet meals, and a digital detox environment, all within a captivating safari-like ambiance. While English isn’t widely spoken, and some excursions necessitate experienced guides for off-road navigation, the rewards are unparalleled.

Patagonia’s focus on eco-tourism attracts nature enthusiasts seeking experiences akin to African safaris. However, Patagonia caters to active travelers who thrive in the outdoors. Passive entertainment is scarce, but the reward is an unmatched connection with nature.

Thanks to Tompkins’ vision, Chile boasts a network of new national parks waiting to be explored. Discerning safari-goers have the opportunity to be among the first to discover these pristine landscapes, making Patagonia the new frontier for adventurous luxury travel.

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