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It’s time to explore again! Enjoy

December has its own charm – the time to pack up and leave for the desired destination. Though a true traveller never really needs a reason to travel, yet Christmas is one of the most popular tourist seasons.

The month brings down the curtain every year – a vacation planned refreshes and rejuvenates before a New Year steps in.

Christmas and New Year take centre stage this month and the weather remains quite pleasant. Hence best to select from quite a few amazing destinations to visit in December.                                         

However, those who can afford still prefer to head to Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. But if one wishes to explore beyond the famous destinations, it’s time to discover some least travelled destinations as well.

But don’t forget to consult your travel agents and book your tickets and rooms well in advance, lest you face disappointment and rooflessness. Even though smartphones have changed the dynamics of the travel business and Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered chatbots now are revolutionizing the travel and hospitality industry.

As we bid goodbye to 2021,

Wish YOU All Merry Christmas and Happy 2022 in advance!


Bon Voyage!
Susmita Ghosh

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