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Embrace first monsoon downpour!

We all eagerly wait for the breezy showers after the boiling summer months. Even though there is huge lot of changes in weather in recent times due to global warming, yet June to September is popularly termed as the rainy season.

Hope you all will agree! Monsoon is the best instant to travel across the globe, as the nature’s beauty comes out with a new shape and colour. Moreover the tourism charge gets lower to some extent, travelling gets easier, availing stress-free booking. With different shades and frame of mind, the people enjoy food, climate and other aspects of the season to the brim!

Besides many other countries across the world, India presents and helps to taste the essence of monsoons appropriately. Abundant flora and fauna, elegant wet-earth smell glory boost our spirits and freshen our minds.

North Island in Seychelles is the place where you can spend your holiday in tree houses viewing the ocean. Be it Bali or any other places in Indonesia, reasonable hotel rates and other services makes it one of the best places to visit in July for your budget holiday, hence goes the list endless !!!!!

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Susmita Ghosh

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