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August 2021: We are 3-year old toddlers now!

It’s Time to Celebrate our Creativity!

Thrilled to bring out our 3rd Anniversary issue for you all in the midst of so many challenges, the world is experiencing now.

Wonder where did the months rather the years go? It’s been the time full of excitements, changes, highs and lows, long work days and sleepless nights. No matter how much I have learned and taught over the years, but for sure the knowledge has increased.

Remarkably difficult phase, we have tread on with the worst hit, travel and tourism industry for last two years, with a comeback recently though! Our TRADE story is weaved with the predictions and expectations of the travel fraternities for you to enjoy reading. 

We tend to prioritize everyone’s needs, be it a traveller, travel trade, hotelier, food professionals, wellness tourism and so on.

I and my business partner, Kirit Popat are exceedingly grateful to the entire Netpal Travel team, for their remarkable work to bring out the publication every month.

Special appreciation goes to Sikha Thakur and Satyaki Dutta who poured in their affection and attachment for their Netpal Travel till date since inception. 

I thank to all our readers from the very bottom of my heart for their dedication. This third year would not have been possible without you all. Always am happy to hear from you – How Netpal Travel can serve you better?

Truly excited about the future of our E Zine as I believe the best is yet to come.

Email me at sg(at)netpalsolutions(dot)com


Susmita Ghosh

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