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New normal: Will it be a better normal, even if different?

Hello readers, 

Given that the world has not found a cure or a vaccine for Covid-19, we may have to cover a new way of living, new thinking to adjust the ‘new normal.’

Even though the influx of multiple vaccines has stimulated hope for the return of travel, yet the World Travel and Tourism Council has developed an extensive range of protocols to cover the new normal.

Hence, in our present issue, we have tried to traverse the ‘new normal’ path explaining how nature of travel taking a new turn. Road trips are getting more and more popular, outbound travel changing to domestic travel, nature tourism replacing more crowded places and activities. People prefer to travel with families or friends other than group tours.

Cruising has made its most likely long-awaited comeback since Jan and many people are looking forward to set sail.  As the tourists stay separated from the mainland crowd, the chance of contamination is highly unlikely.

One of the most important changes we could see the world has evolved at an incredible pace with technology. Ever wondered – how Virtual Reality expo/trade show can transform the travel industry?

Free cancellation, flexible pre-sale bookings and insurance coverages are the most important factors when booking travel nowadays. What is even more fascinating is millennial, which form the most important demographic of travel segment, likely to buy travel insurance more this year.

Hope our readers would love to tread on few traits of this ‘new normal’ track along with us, which we tried to highlight in our Feb issue

Happy reading till we meet next month!

Susmita Ghosh

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