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Survey: Most costly car rental destinations in the US

By Nancy Kapoor

Car rental costs can vary dramatically on the destination, as they do with auto ownership rates, which can vary significantly from one location to another. It’s based on local taxes, gasoline prices and insurance premiums, among others.

Several car providers in the USA provide luxury automobiles at competitive prices. The airport location usually provides the maximum options to pick from. Prices may differ based on the selected provider, pick up location and the trip dates.

Each rental car agreement has its cancellation policy like some bookings are free to cancel, however, the pre-paid appointments are not.

According to a poll created by Cheapcarrental.net, the most costly US destination to hire a car is Kahului, Kona, in spring. The report examined rental vehicle costs at the top 100 airports in the US based on traffic for May 2021. Kahului is the most costly destination, with the cheapest automobile costing an average of US$972 every week.

Another Hawaii resort, Kona, is second most costly, with prices beginning fromUS$923 per week, while Pensacola, Florida, rounds out the podium with prices starting from US$817 per week.

The analysis looked at pricing for a week’s rental in 50 most popular US locations and discovered that, predictably much lower in summer 2021 than in 2020.

According to Michelle Walters of Cheapcarrental.net, rental car rates in the US are around 30 percent more than typical rental car rates in May 2019. However, in Hawaii and Florida, average prices have risen by more than 50 percent compared to 2019. Nonetheless, rates in May 2021 are much lower than those seen during Presidents’ Day Weekend 2021, when weekly rates in certain places climbed as high as US$3,000 per week owing to overall rental vehicle shortages.

Cautiously, CheapCarRental.net’s poll takes current average daily prices in each of the 50 major US cities into account when determining the cheapest automobiles available at airport pickup/drop-off locations.

Unless you’re happy cramming yourself into one of the tiniest and least-comfortable vehicles on the road, renting a midrange or bigger model will likely cost more per day and a lot more if you’re searching for a huge SUV to carry customers or family members.

Contrarily, if you’re ready to explore outside the regular airport rental kiosks, you might be able to recoup some of your costs by taking a short taxi journey to an off-site vehicle rental outlet.

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