European Airline aims to slash CO2 emission by 2030

By Sikha Thakur

Europe’s greenest/cleanest airline Ryanair has aimed to cut CO2 emissions by 10percent by 2030. To achieve the target over a decade the airline will have to cut emissions from 66g per passenger/km to 60g. To fulfil its Environmental policy includes achievements to date across all aspects of its business.

Ryanair called on EU member states to tackle air traffic control monopolies and reform the European skies which are believed to reduce C02 emissions by 10percent.

In 2019, Ryanair expects to pay more than euro 630 million in environmental taxes. The carrier claimed that the taxation is not delivering any environmental benefits.

The introduction of new Boeing 737 Max aircraft by Ryanair’s is largely dependent on cutting of emissions. The airline will invest US$20bn in a fleet of 210 new Boeing 737 aircraft. These aircraft will carry 4percent more passengers, will reduce fuel burn by 16percent and noise emissions by 40percent, it remains unclear when the aircraft will be certified to fly again.

Ryanair have already cut out 82percent of consumables plastic good onboard reiterated its commitment of eliminating non-recyclable plastics from its operations within five years.

The carrier includes a sustainability which includes an environmental-focused advertising campaign designed to build awareness with passengers and a dedicated website. The advertisement builds awareness with its customer base and explains the benefits of flying with Europe’s greenest and cleanest airline. Through website the customer can access the latest news on Ryanair monthly emissions and environmental partnerships, Ryanair’s full Environmental Policy can also be downloaded from the website.

Kenny Jacobs, Chief Marketing Officer of Ryanair said, “We are proud on what we have achieved till date as Europe’s greenest and cleanest airline. The newly updated, improved and expanded Environmental policies detailing our improvements and future targets are a great achievement.’

‘We have set ourselves even more ambitious targets on lowering emissions with new environmental policies. For strengthening Ryanair’s position as leaders in addressing environmental issues and a changing climate, we have committed to invest US$20 billion in new fuel-efficient aircraft.’

“High load factors and efficient fuel burn has enabled us to continuously lower our CO2 emissions as the youngest operating fleet and greenest airline in Europe.

Significant Operational improvements to reduce emissions and non-recyclable waste, an integrated communications campaign to raise awareness among our customer base and reaching euro 2.5m in donations are hugely successful offsetting scheme, with funds raised going to worthwhile climate projects.’

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