10 Travel Tips for Every Solo Traveller

By Maitri

People traveling in groups or with their families rarely come out of their comfort zone to hit the road alone. But these days solo travel has become the most exciting and emancipating experience that a nomad can have in their lifetime. Nevertheless, if you are still confused to take up your first solo trip, then here are some solo travel tips for you.

  1. Choose wisely

Not all places across the globe are safe to travel solo. Do your homework properly regarding the safe places and read more travel magazines and blogs to make a wise choice.

  1. Safety first

While traveling solo, don’t try to always fit the budget and safety together. Safety may cause a little extra. Make sure you don’t run out of cash. Organize your passport, visa and other important papers properly. They are the only saviours away from your homeland.

  1. Stay in shared spaces

Try to book a stay either in a hostel or a BnB. This allows a nomad to interact with fellow travellers and ease their way. It also saves the pocket from the extra hotel expenses. Make friendship with your host and fellow roommates who are also like-minded travellers like you. This will both help you to grow a common connection and in case of an emergency.

  1. Interact with locals

The fourth solo travel tip is to learn some basic native addressing languages. This helps in easy interaction with the locals on your voyage. It also brings you close to their culture and customs.

  1. Look for local events

Many BnBs offer various exciting local adventures. Take part in those events to know the place better. You can also go for walking, day, and guided audio tours to have a better feel of the place.

  1. Go for couch surfing

This is a relatively new term but solo travellers often find it useful in exploring new destinations. The couch surfers offer an extra room to the nomad where they can meet new people and discover more about the place.

  1. Get it easy

Don’t make any hasty schedule. Go slow with your itinerary and hence you will be able to get more out of your trip.

  1. Ask for help

Don’t hesitate to call out for help. If you have lost your way, missed the train, looking for a public toilet or even a theft, make sure you yell out to the locals for a hand.

  1. Have emergency contacts

Be in touch with your family or friends regularly so that they are aware of your whereabouts. If possible save some emergency contact numbers of the local police station.

  1. Follow your sixth sense

In a far-away land among strangers, it’s always your sixth sense that saves the day. Listen to it and abide by it; more when it says a plain ‘no’.

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