Indian Skies Soar: Domestic & International Travel Up

By Netpal Travel Bureau

Fueled by a growing middle class and expanded flight options, Indian travelers are taking to the skies in record numbers. A recent report by the Mastercard Economics Institute (MEI) reveals that in just the first few months of 2024, 97 million passengers passed through Indian airports – a number that would have taken an entire year a decade ago!

This travel boom isn’t just about domestic destinations. International travel has surged by 4% compared to 2019, with adventurous Indian explorers venturing further afield. Notably, visits to Japan have increased by 53%, Vietnam by a staggering 248%, and the United States by 59%, despite a stronger dollar.

The Mastercard study underscores a global travel surge, with consumer spending on tourism remaining strong. For Indian travelers this summer, Amsterdam, Singapore, London, Frankfurt, and Melbourne are the hottest destinations, according to flight booking trends.

“Asia Pacific consumers have a strong desire to travel,” says David Mann, Chief Economist for Mastercard Asia Pacific. “They’re also becoming savvier, seeking the best value and unforgettable experiences.”

The report highlights a growing trend: prioritizing experiences over possessions. Spending on travel experiences, particularly nightlife, now accounts for a whopping 12% of tourism sales – the highest in at least five years.

This shift suggests a new kind of traveler – one seeking cultural immersion and unique adventures. Are you ready to join the Indian travel boom and discover your next unforgettable escape?

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