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“India Surges Ahead: Nepal’s Premier Inbound Tourism Market in February”

In a resounding testament to Nepal’s burgeoning tourism recovery, India has emerged as the leading inbound tourist market in February. Despite the challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic, the Himalayan nation is witnessing a gradual resurgence in its vital tourism sector.

According to data released by the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), of the total 97,426 tourists arriving by air last month, a staggering 25,578 hailed from India. China and the US followed closely, with 9,180 and 9,089 visitors respectively, highlighting India’s prominent position as Nepal’s foremost source of inbound tourism.

Thriving tourism ties continue to blossom, with Thailand, the UK, and Bangladesh securing spots among the top inbound markets. Notably, Thailand secured fourth place with 4,799 visitors, while the UK and Bangladesh claimed fifth and sixth positions with 4,571 and 4,099 tourists respectively.

NTB Director Mani Lamichhane highlighted that the actual number of Indian tourists visiting Nepal in February surpasses the recorded figure, as many opt for land routes. This underscores the robust nature of cross-border travel between the two nations.

The surge in tourist arrivals via air routes marks a significant milestone, with a 33% increase compared to February 2023. Impressively, this figure reflects a remarkable 95.12% recovery from pre-pandemic levels in 2019, when Nepal welcomed 102,423 tourists in February.

Director Lamichhane expressed optimism regarding Nepal’s tourism revival in 2024, citing the February data as a promising indicator of recovery. Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, Nepal’s allure remains undiminished, beckoning travelers from India and beyond to explore its majestic landscapes and rich cultural heritage.

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