Southeast Asia soars in popularity for Indian travelers after visa relaxation

By Netpal Travel Bureau

Visa changes are making Southeast Asia a hotter-than-ever travel destination for Indians! Agoda, a leading travel booking platform, has seen a significant rise in travel searches to the region following the introduction of new visa programs.

Both Thailand and Malaysia have implemented new visa waivers for Indian travelers. Thailand offers a 30-day visa waiver, while Malaysia grants a 90-day visa. This relaxation in visa requirements has fueled a surge in interest – searches from India to Thailand have jumped by 44%. Malaysia has seen an even more dramatic increase, with searches from India soaring by 49% in January compared to October 2023.

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, has benefitted the most. It’s now the most popular outbound destination for Indian travelers, surpassing Dubai. Pattaya, a popular beach resort town in Thailand, has also seen a big jump in popularity, climbing from fifth to third place on the list of favorite destinations.

Recent visa relaxations across Asia Pacific (APAC) are good news for Indian travelers. Several countries in the region are considering similar policies, opening up even more travel options. Currently, Indian passport holders have visa-free access to 62 destinations (according to the Henley Passport Index).

Agoda, with its extensive network of hotels, flights, and activities (over 3.9 million listings!), makes it easy for Indian travelers to explore these exciting destinations. Their platform offers a smooth and hassle-free booking experience, ensuring a memorable trip.

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