“FITUR 2024: Celebrating 44 Years of Tourism Triumph”

By Netpal Travel Bureau

FITUR 2024 has drawn its curtains on another remarkable chapter, marking its 44th edition with resounding success. As the global tourism sector continues its upward trajectory, FITUR’s latest instalment sets the stage for further growth and consolidation in 2024.

Over the course of five exhilarating days, FITUR played host to an impressive total of 250,000 visitors. Among them, 153,000 were esteemed professionals, gracing the event from January 24 to 26, while an additional 97,000 enthusiasts joined the festivities during the public access days on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28. These staggering figures, reflecting a remarkable 13.7% increase compared to 2023, attest to FITUR’s unwavering allure and influence.

Breaking records and boundaries, FITUR 2024 boasted nine sprawling pavilions, one more than its predecessor, underscoring its unparalleled scale and scope. Moreover, its international appeal shone brightly, with 152 countries and 96 official country participations converging to celebrate the diverse tapestry of global tourism.

Under the esteemed patronage of Their Majesties the Kings of Spain, FITUR unfolded with grandeur and purpose, with Ecuador assuming the coveted role of Country Partner. The fair served as a vibrant platform for all facets of the tourism industry, facilitating fruitful business transactions, fostering expansive networks, and fostering the exchange of invaluable insights and expertise.

In addition to the steadfast support of the international tourism community, FITUR 2024 received robust institutional backing, with prominent leaders gracing its halls alongside the Royal Family. As the curtains fall on this edition, IFEMA MADRID sets its sights on the horizon, already laying the groundwork for FITUR 2025. Anticipation mounts as Mexico steps into the spotlight as the Country Partner, promising yet another chapter of innovation, collaboration, and boundless opportunity.

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