“Amadeus Revolutionizes Travel with Vision-Box Acquisition”

By Spl Correspondent

In a ground-breaking move, Amadeus sets its sights on transforming the travel experience with the acquisition of Vision-Box, a pioneering provider of biometric solutions for airports, airlines, and border control. This strategic partnership marks a significant expansion for Amadeus into the realm of biometrics, promising a seamless journey for passengers from booking to boarding.

With Vision-Box’s cutting-edge biometric hardware and software, Amadeus enhances its portfolio to offer comprehensive border control solutions, elevating the passenger experience to new heights. By integrating Vision-Box’s technology, Amadeus aims to establish unparalleled interoperability between airports, airlines, and border control authorities, streamlining operations and enhancing security.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect, as the global biometrics sector is poised for exponential growth, driven by the travel industry’s increasing digitalization efforts. With estimates projecting a staggering value of US$86.1 billion by 2028, Amadeus is strategically positioned to lead the charge towards a more seamless and efficient travel experience.

Vision-Box’s impressive track record, with expected revenues of €70 million and a projected EBITDA of close to €20 million in 2023, underscores the immense potential of this acquisition. As approximately 470 Vision-Box employees transition to Amadeus, the stage is set for a transformative journey in travel technology.

Miguel Leitmann, Founder & CEO of Vision-Box, shares in the excitement, envisioning a future where all players and systems converge seamlessly in a digitally-integrated ecosystem. Together with Amadeus, Vision-Box aims to redefine the travel experience, driving efficiency, performance, and user satisfaction to unprecedented levels.

The impact of biometrics technology on travel is undeniable, with 75% of passengers expressing eagerness to utilize biometric data for streamlined airport processes. From stress-free boarding to enhanced on-time performance, the benefits are clear, signalling a new era of travel convenience and efficiency.

As Amadeus and Vision-Box join forces, the stage is set for a revolution in travel technology, where seamless experiences and unparalleled efficiency become the new norm. Welcome to the future of travel, redefined by innovation and powered by biometrics.

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