Al Bandar Rotana Hotel Dubai marks UAE National Day

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Al Bandar Rotana Hotel Dubai marked the UAE National Day with a celebration in the presence of esteemed hotel owners and guests. The event was honoured by the presence of Khaled Al Badie, Ghaith Hamel Al Ghaith, Mohammed Al Sayegh, and Mohamed Hamadeh, the General Manager of Alain Ahlia Insurance owners of the Al Bandar Rotana Complex.

The celebration was a vibrant event, reflecting the spirit of the UAE National Day. A cake-cutting ceremony was held to the tune of the national anthem, shared with beloved guests and colleagues, symbolizing unity and pride. The event was an expression of the rich culture and heritage of the UAE, and the hotel’s commitment to honouring these traditions.

Ayman Ashor, General Manager of the hotel, expressed his joy on this occasion, saying, “Today, we not only celebrate the glorious history of our nation but also the spirit of unity and progress that defines the UAE. It’s a privilege to share this moment with our esteemed guests and colleagues, who are like family to us. This celebration is a tribute to the harmonious blend of diverse cultures that our hotel represents.

The hotel announced its preparations for the upcoming festive season. Celebrations and theme nights are planned at Gusto, the in-house Italian restaurant, and Salt and Pepper. These events promise to offer guests unique culinary experiences and joyous moments to cherish with the best firework views on New Year’s Eve.

“We invite everyone to join us in the upcoming festive celebrations,” added Ashor. “Our dedicated team at Gusto and Salt and Pepper is preparing an array of special events and themed nights to ensure our guests have a memorable holiday season.”

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