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Sri Lanka Opens Doors Visa-Free Entry for India and more

By Spl Correspondent

Sri Lanka is offering a warm welcome to travellers from India and six other countries with the implementation of a free visa on arrival. This exciting news, aimed at reviving the island nation’s tourism industry, comes into effect immediately.

The key highlights are free tourist visas for visitors from India, China, Russia, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, and Thailand. They can skip visa fees till March 31, 2024.The travellers can enjoy a one-month stay in Sri Lanka with this limited-time offer.

There is an offer of dual entry for exploring freely with multiple entries during the visa period. This initiative aims to rebuild the tourism sector after the 2019 Easter Sunday bombings and its economic impact. India remains Sri Lanka’s top tourism market, followed by Russia and the UK.

Beyond the economic challenges, Sri Lanka remains a captivating destination with rich cultural heritage, stunning beaches, breath-taking landscapes, and diverse wildlife. This visa-free entry opportunity makes it even more accessible for travellers wanting to experience its magic.

In March, the International Monetary Fund agreed on a USD 3 billion bailout to Sri Lanka to revive its ailing economy.

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